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New Election Campaign in Digital World

Posted April. 12, 2004 21:41,   


Each candidate’s camp is using novel techniques through an up-to-date-medium for the upcoming election. However, there’s a warning that the techniques can cause a violation of the election law.

The Internet and mobile phones are the treasure chests of an election campaign.

E-mail is the most common tool for publicity activities. It is too commonplace, however, to attract voters. Therefore, moving pictures and flash animations are added to decorate these e-mails.

It is remarkable that there are chatting rooms with the titles of “Party A is the best” or “Vote for B in Party C” in the famous sites for games or chatting. An electioneer in J electoral district suggested, “If there are scores of people with those kinds of names who gather, they are probably electioneers.”

There are also band-shaped Internet banners and patterns of program with PR phrases.

A cell phone is one of the important tools for an election campaign as well. Each party’s theme song has a dramatic effect. Parties usually change words in familiar songs. For that reason, many famous and popular songs have been sold for extravagant prices.

Each party gives voters its theme song as a ‘color ring’, the music instead of the sound of the bell when you call someone. It also uses ‘letter ring service,’ which allows a receiver to see words created by you when you call someone, to inform voters of the name of the party and its candidates.