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Heading for “The Second War”

Posted April. 09, 2004 22:14,   


Following similar incidents involving American, Japanese and Korean citizens, a Canadian civilian was abducted in Najaf, southern city of Iraq. This kidnapping marks the third in as many days.

Under the command of Shia leader Muktada al-Sadr, the Mehdi army has captured the southern cities of Najaf, Kut, and Kupa. The army issued an ultimatum to the allies demanding they leave Kar Balla.

The U.S. army refused to abscond and responded by sending 120 additional soldiers to support the Bulgarian army. The L.A. Times warned, “The recent sanguinary collisions in Iraq could be the first step toward ‘the second war,’ which may put U.S. on a difficult situation.”

In response to the situation, Abdul Aziz Al Mokrin, the self-proclaimed leader of Saudi Arabian terrorist ring, Al-Queda, uploaded his commentary onto a website. Says Al Mokrin, “The U.S. attacked holy Iraq and Afghanistan’s Islamite. We will retaliate in kind.”

Arab Allies Secretary General, Amr Musa, respond to the Iraq’s worsening state, stating that the U.S. attack has crossed the line. The U.S. Middle East army commander announced that he is currently considering sending several thousands more troops to Iraq.

As casualties increase, many dispatch nations are considering withdrawal. After Kazakhstan announced its withdrawal last May, Thailand officials stated, “We planned to stay until September; however, we are now considering withdrawal at the end of June.”

New Zealand decided to pull its 60 troops out in September. El Salvador, which lost one soldier in action, is discussing withdrawal as well.

In a telephone conversation with George W. Bush, Russian President Vladimar Putin endorsed utilizing the UN to solve the Iraq situation. At a recent Easter event, Pope John Paul the Second reiterated President Putin’s sentiments.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said, “Every quarter should do their best to bring about an end to the worsening Iraq situation and to protect suppressed civilians.”

Hyung-June Park lovesong@donga.com