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Impeachment Stickers To Be Prohibited

Posted April. 06, 2004 22:08,   


The National Election Commission (NEC) has decided to strictly regulate behavior such as attaching impeachment stickers, which contain a distinctive opinion of support and opposition to a certain candidate, and regard it as a violation of election law.

The NEC has held its general meeting, which was presided over by Yoo Ji-dam, the chief of the NEC, and decided that the attachment and distribution of stickers related to the public movement for and against the impeachment decision might influence the outcome of the general election.

The NEC has also determined that the simple distribution and attachment of impeachment stickers should be judged as these types of incidents.

According to their decision, any distribution and attachment of impeachment stickers which contain sentences such as “lets prevent the congressman who consented to the impeachment bill from getting elected!” by a political organization will make them the target of regulation. Violators will face a four million won fine or up to two years in prison.

Together with this, any election-related movements that are for or against the impeachment decision will be strictly controlled.

On this day, the NEC has also decided to establish 12 absentee voting facilities at 12 universities around the country such as Korea, Kangwon, Kunkook, Kyungbuk, Daegu, Busan, Seoul National, Yonsei, Wonkwang, KAIST, and Hanyang University.

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