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Regulation System on Illegal Campaign

Posted April. 02, 2004 22:50,   


After putting the revised election law into effect on March 12, the regulation system has been changed. In particular, more general voters report illegal election campaigning because of a prize giving system. One can receive money fifty times larger than the total illegal funds that he reports.

According to this year`s report of the National Election Commission, the number of cases that general voters and insiders disclosed were 595, 25.8 percent of all cases. It is the second largest figure following NEC`s disclosure.

Increased disclosure by insiders is the most distinguished feature in this general election. The NEC gave 110 million won for 49 cases until April 2. An official from the NEC said, "We cannot say a specific figure for identity security, but about 20 percent of the 49 cases was insiders` disclosure. We provided a small amount of money for reporting illegal campaigns at the 16th general election. There was no insider`s report, however."

The NEC said, "Because of the insiders, we could find out the voters who had received bribes, and we levied negligence fines of 78 million won in total,"

Prize giving system is not the only reason. Party members who were in the process of nominating candidates are also a primary factor. At the 16th general election, they reported each other`s illegal campaigns. This time, they reported those within the party. It was revealed that there were many people close to less probable candidates among the inside reporters. "It seems that they wanted to get money rather than help those who are impossible to be elected," explained the NEC.

The NEC expects more inside reports even after the election. If someone contributes and helps a candidate be elected but is treated poorly after the candidate wins, it is possible for him to report this as election invalidity. In this case, he can receive additional prize money of 100 million won.

Min-Hyuk Park mhpark@donga.com