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New Movie, “Jersey Girl”

Posted March. 30, 2004 22:40,   


Ollie (Ben Affleck) was once recognized as the most successful man in New York. The life of the youngest music publicist for a major record company glitters as he parties with celebrities and finds a charming career woman Gertrude (Jennifer Lopez). Before long though, his wife dies while giving birth. With deep sorrow and shock, he curses and swears at ill-tempered reporters while preparing a press conference needed for his work. After being fired from his company, Ollie moves in with his father in New Jersey along with his baby girl, Gertie.

By this time, the plot seems stereotypical and obvious, and in fact, it does not digress from the expectations. “Jersey Girl,” which will open on April 9, is a drama that illustrates a single father with a young daughter. In the movie, New York symbolizes the wealth and fame of a publicist. New Jersey, where his old father and daughter live, however, represents the boring but real life of a man who has to drive a cleaning car in order to survive.

Ollie’s dream of returning to New York is withheld by two “Jersey Girls” in New Jersey. They are his daughter Gertie and Maya, the bold college girl who says, “You haven’t had sex in seven years? I will give it to you out of pity.”

Centering on the topic of family love, the movie seasons OIlie and Maya’s love and makes it favorable to watch. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, the once famous but now separated couple, stars as the married couple. Celebrated cast including Liv Tyler from the movie “Lord of the Rings,” Jason Biggs from “American Pie,” Affleck’s close buddy, Matt Damon, and others star in this movie. On top of that, Kevin Smith, who produced “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” “Dogma,” and “Chasing Amy,” directed this movie. However, it was hard to avoid the critiques that the movie lacked in quality even with the splendid cast. PG 12.

Gab-Sik Kim dunanworld@donga.com