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Uri Party Pressed Charges Against MDP

Posted March. 22, 2004 22:37,   


Regarding the controversial issue on the mobilization of a candlelight rally in Gwanghwamun on March 20, the Millennium Democratic Party pressed charges against the Uri Party to the police on Monday, claiming that “the Uri Party systematically mobilized members and others for the illegal demonstration that would have an impact on the election.”

Jang Jeon-hyung, the deputy spokesman said in a briefing in the central standing committee that “the Gwanghwamun candlelight rally is evidently a political gathering that wildly displays political slogans and signs,” and argued saying, “With only 20 days to go prior to the election, it is forbidden to hold any political party rally, but the Uri Party gave orders to each district party to mobilize people and this is a clear violation of the election law.”

Jang also said, “Though the authorities stipulate the candlelight demonstration as illegal, they are remaining idle about it. If the illegal rally would continue until this week, we inevitably have to make an important decision regarding the actions we must take in the general elections.”

Meanwhile, the Uri Party will sue deputy spokesman Jang for being disguised as an official of the Central Uri Party, and MDP Rep. Jo Soon-hyung for libel. The Uri Party also plans to request a note of correction from some newspapers which have reported MDP’s claims without any verification process.