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[Editorial] Purpose of Troop Dispatch is “Peace Reconstruction”

[Editorial] Purpose of Troop Dispatch is “Peace Reconstruction”

Posted March. 19, 2004 23:40,   


Korea and the U.S. agreed to look for another dispatch site instead of Kirkuk. It was because of worsening security conditions in Kirkuk and Korea’s refusal of the U.S. proposal for clean-up operations against terrorists. A new dispatch site has not been yet decided, but there is no reason to mind if it is helpful to the security of the troops.

It should not be forgotten that the dispatched troops’ role approved by the National Assembly is to carry out a “peace reconstruction mission within the districts taken charge of.” If our troops participate in joint operations with the U.S., the possibility to take part in a battle and accordingly the risk of being attacked by terrorists will rise. Then our troop dispatch will be difficult to be welcomed by Iraqis. It is the reason why it is necessary to look for a site which is proper to the peace reconstruction mission despite the delay in troop dispatch.

The government should see that the troop dispatch will be in accord with its original purpose. It will have to make the U.S. understand what Korean troops can do and what they can not do in Iraq. At the same time, in order to prevent controversy, it will have to open the details of negotiation with the U.S. to the public. As changes in plans, such as the dispatch schedule and troop drill became inevitable, it should not allow any carelessness in preparation for the troop dispatch.

The government has to take heed not to give impression that the decision to change the dispatch site was rooted in severe conflicts with the U.S. The nation may get uneasy if the dispatch issue is thought to inflame conflicts between Korea and the U.S. in current unstable domestic political situation. It will have to make Iraq understand as well the inevitability of changes in dispatch site.