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Eight North Korean Refugees to Visit South Korea Soon

Posted February. 24, 2004 22:57,   


A source from the diplomatic world in Beijing disclosed on February 24 that eight North Korean refugees who sought asylum at the German school in Beijing will be authorized to visit South Korea via a certain country.

“The German embassy in China reported the identities of the North Korean refugees to the Chinese authorities and discussed with them about the refugee’s future arrangement,” remarked this source, adding, “As the Chinese government has the second round of six-nation talks just ahead, I think that they intend to solve this incident as soon as possible.”

“So far, the Chinese government has permitted the refugees, who entered diplomatic facilities such as the foreign embassies, to be sent to South Korea via a certain country if their identities are proved reliable,” remarked an official of Korean embassy in Beijing, adding, “The refugees who forcibly entered into the German school will be treated in accordance with the precedents.”

On February 23 at 3 p.m., eight North Korean refugees, including one female, climbed over the 2m-high wall and penetrated into the school which is managed by the German embassy. Currently, they are staying at the topmost floor of the diplomats’ apartment located in the school yard.

On the other hand, 100 North Korean refugees, awaiting to be sent to South Korea, are staying at the Korean consulate in China.

Yoo-Sung Hwang yshwang@donga.com