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Chairman Chough Soon-hyung Holds Panel Discussion

Posted February. 24, 2004 22:27,   


Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) chairman Chough Soon-hyung said on February 24 that “The MDP has finished legal consideration on President Roh Moo-hyun’s impeachment, who immersed himself in illegal election activities and left his duty and responsibility even in his position as chief executive of national administration” and said, “We will pursue President Roh’s impeachment when we get the nation’s agreement.”

In relation to President’s Roh’s remark that his administration would “employ a billion won at last year’s election campaign,” Chough said, “If that is true, it exceeds the legal limit. Nonetheless, his manner of speaking – it is all right not to inspect campaign funds – is like presenting the policy of inspection to the prosecution.” He criticized Roh, saying that “President Roh speaks as if he is the Director of Public Prosecutions.”

At the panel discussion session organized by the Kwanhun Club in the National Press Center, Chough made it clear by saying, “I really want to suggest that President Roh entrust his presidency to the prime minister even until the coming election for the nation to play ‘all-in’ at the general election.”

Also, Chough said, “Do we have to neglect an immoral president?” and added, “[Preparing for this] I think it is the intent of the Constitution that we have to impeach him and then prosecute him. Requisites for impeachment are well enough.”

In connection with the definite time, however, Chough said, “Not only the National Assembly but also the nation thinks the impeachment of the president, which has never passed a resolution, is unfamiliar and unrealistic” and added, “We will propel the impeachment when the nation agrees and other circumstances satisfy the condition.”

Meanwhile, Chough said “I set a goal of one-third, 100 seats, of all seats at the minimum” in relation to the MDP’s expected seats in the coming general election.

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