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South Korea and U.S. Conduct for Final Adjustments on Troop Relocation

South Korea and U.S. Conduct for Final Adjustments on Troop Relocation

Posted February. 13, 2004 22:28,   


South Korea and United States opened the seventh round of “Future of the Alliance Policy Initiative” in the Ministry of National Defense on Friday, and adjusted their views on the Umbrella Agreement (UA) and Implementation Agreement (IA) for repositioning the Yongsan Garrison.

Representing as the delegation of Korea, Cha Young-koo, assistant defense minister, and Richard Lawless, deputy assistant secretary of defense, as the delegation of U.S., both are expected to sign tentative signatures in the final agreement by February 14, the final day of the talk.

Both sides will focus on the detail provisions that were met with discord during the sixth round of talks in Hawaii last month. Included in the discussion are 1) whether there have been any modifications to the agreements made in the 1990s on constructing new buildings according to the U.S. standards when relocation takes place, 2) how strict Korea, taking burden of the expense for moving, will superintend the $3 billion to $5 billion in estimated cost, and 3) whether Korea annulled the provision to compensate for the loss of duty free shops and bowling alleys that would be closed due to troop’s departure and others.

The UA will provide regulations and procedures for moving out of the Yongsan Garrison, target units, design and construction procedures, cost management, and others issues, while the IA will include principles for cost burden of supplementary facilities and estate, cost procedures, general development plans of the facilities, the offer and return schedule of the land, and other issues.

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