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KBS Reformative Programs Trigger Social Conflicts

Posted February. 10, 2004 23:13,   


A KBS senior executive told KBS interns at a recent special lecture that some reformative programs of KBS provoked social conflicts, the KBS Employee Newspaper reported on Tuesday.

“Those who led provocative reformative programs must have pushed the programs based on their firm belief that they were obliged to reform the society. However, as their programs were too emotional and lacked sufficient preparation, the public turned their backs on the programs and, eventually, the programs triggered social conflicts,” said KBS chief auditor Gang Dong-soon.

The reformative programs that Gang pointed out were the reformative programs that sparked controversies over the Song Du-yul case last September, including “Contemporary Korean Society,” “Media Focus,” and “Men in Modern History.”

“You should all be aware that the shareholders of KBS are the people of our nation. Even if you are convinced that there is something wrong, you should not express it bluntly without a second thought to prevent possible unnecessary conflicts. Media were indeed once conservative. But journalists should no longer blindly believe that media have to become more progressive in order to enlighten the audience,” Gang asserted.

“KBS should not be intimidated when it comes to fighting against the wrongdoings of politicians or the government like BBC, a British government owned public broadcasting company. KBS should not be swayed by power or authority. KBS should become a broadcasting company that helps enrich the culture and values of the public,” Gang added.

Gang who oversees general duties and accounting of KBS is the second most powerful figure in KBS after the KBS president. The KBS executive committee recommended him, and the Korea Broadcasting Commission appointed him as the chief auditor.

Sun-Woo Kim sublime@donga.com