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Assembly to Promote Campaign Fund Investigation of Roh and Chung

Assembly to Promote Campaign Fund Investigation of Roh and Chung

Posted February. 09, 2004 22:39,   


The National Assembly held a plenary meeting on February 9 and passed a resolution that promotes an investigation into the campaign funds of President Roh and Uri Party head Chung Dong-young

The resolution was passed with 167 votes for, one vote against, and five abstentions out of 173 representatives of the Grand National Party (GNP) and the Millennium Democratic Party (MDP).

The representatives of the Uri Party left the main meeting hall right before the voting in protest of the passing of the resolution.

“Another resolution investigating the campaign funds of GNP Chairman Choe Byung-ryol, former GNP Chairman Seo Chung-won, MDP Chairman Cho Soon-hyung, and Rep. Choo Mi-ae should be initiated also to make it fair,” insisted Rep. Lee Jong-gul in the Assembly’s Legislation and Judiciary Committee prior to this passing.

Meanwhile, the Committee discussed whether or not they should hold a public hearing in a form of the report by National Police Headquarters on February 17 regarding the 65.3 billion won Min fund, but this did not draw any conclusions due to the differences in the opinions of the governing party and the opposition.

“The police is curtailing and distorting the investigation,” said GNP and MDP representatives, insisting on a public hearing. However, Rep. Lee Jong-gul from the Uri Party opposed, saying, “The National Assembly does not operate for some play by this ridiculous person (Min Kyung-chan).”

Myoung-Gun Lee gun43@donga.com