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Kang Sam-jae and Kim Ki-seoup Could Be Summoned Today

Posted February. 08, 2004 22:40,   


The Central Investigation Department (CID) of the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office (SPPO) headed by Ahn Dae-hee, said on February 8 that it will summon and investigate Rep. Kang Sam-jae of the Grand National Party (GNP) and a former vice operating chief of the National Intelligence Service, Kim Ki-seoup, with regard to so-called “Anpung,” a case of the National Security Planning’s (NSP) improper election campaign funding.

An investigator Moon Hyo-nam of the SPPO said, “As Kang and Kim are already accused, we will to call them in and get statements from them under the agreement of the court.”

The prosecution plans to request that they appear in the office as soon as possible, probably on February 9, after consulting on the same day with the 7th Criminal Division of Seoul High Court, headed by Roh Young-bo.

The prosecution ordered Park Yong-seok, who was head prosecutor of this case as the second chief of the CID in 2000-2001, to take charge in their investigation.

The prosecution decided to inquire closely into whether they received 94b won (about 78m dollars) from one of the former presidents Kim Young-sam and whether they had known in advance that the money actually belonged to the NSP.

But it is also possible that the investigation will be delayed or impossible because the prosecution cannot force them to appear in the office if they refuse the summons as they are called in reference.

Mr. Moon said, “As Rep. Kang very likely knew where the money came from, considering the situation, the basis of this case would not change even though he received the money from the former president. Thus, even if Kang’s statement is true, only the distribution of the misappropriated NSP budget will change somewhat.”

The prosecution is also going to consider carefully summoning the former president Kim after the investigation of Kang and Kim, if necessary.

It will decide whether it prosecutes Rep. Kim Deog-ryong of the GNP as well, after summoning and investigating him regarding whether he was given 25.7b won (about 21.5m dollars) from Kim Ki-seoup or Kim Young-sam, the former president, and used it for a local election campaign that took place June 27, 1995; Kim was the secretary general of the Democratic Liberal Party and the head of the election polling committee for the local election.

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