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The Prime Minister, “Considering Resignation After the General Election”

The Prime Minister, “Considering Resignation After the General Election”

Posted January. 30, 2004 23:05,   


“Whether or not the Uri Party becomes the first or second party after the general election in April, I may resign voluntarily,” Goh Kun, the Prime Minister, had announced his inner thoughts about resignation after the general election.

This announcement came after the press conference of January 29, when Goh had said, “I will do my best to make the 4·15 general election impartial.”

Kho had initially announced his resignation on October 2003, after President Roh’s speech on Public Confidence. After Roh’s holding, however, Goh deferred his resignation saying that he would manage the general election in April.

In response to the question regarding the possibility of combining the Uri Party and the Millennium Democratic Party after the general election, Goh predicted, “The relationship between a divorced couple is likely to grow worse. A re-marriage will be not easy.”

Goh went on to say that “because Daegu is the area, which has high political awareness, it may be possible enough,” regarding the possibility of running and winning the election at Daegu of Jo Soon-hyung, the Millennium Democratic Party. “However if it is not for the good of the area but for the political event, it will be very difficult.”

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