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ESA to Forecast Martian Weather

Posted January. 16, 2004 23:11,   


The weather forecast of Mars will apparently start from April at the earliest.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has disclosed on January 15 that they will begin forecasting the weather on Mars, making use of their spaceship, Mars Express, which is currently orbiting Mars, in the near future.

Mars Express, which entered into Mars’ gravitation range in December 2003, is scheduled to transmit information from Mars to Earth by utilizing built-in data measuring devices.

The scientists are adjusting the orbit of Mars Express and exchanging radio wave signals. After wrapping up the relevant works, Mars Express will send signals containing information on the atmosphere of Mars. The scientists will obtain necessary information by processing these signals in order to grasp data such as the temperature, density, and atmosphere pressure that are needed to draw up a weather forecast of Mars.

ESA revealed that they would proceed with the first experiment on January 20 to provide the weather forecast of Mars for the next four years from this April if the progress is shown to be favorable.

It seems that the weather on Mars is desolate and bleak compared to Earth. The atmosphere of Mars is mostly made up of carbon dioxide. Ferocious sand tornado usually covers up the surface, and the temperature is remarkably low.