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U.S. Reviews Deployment of Long-Distance Bombers in Guam

U.S. Reviews Deployment of Long-Distance Bombers in Guam

Posted January. 14, 2004 22:40,   


The U.S. is reviewing rotational deployment of long-distance strategic bombers in Guam Island in its bid to curb North Korea and China’s military power in the Asia Pacific region.

On January 13, Pacific Air Forces commander General William Begert said, “With its military forces currently concentrated in Iraq, the U.S. is discussing measures to ensure stability in the Asia Pacific region where North Korea is mounting military threats and China is strengthening military power.”

General Begert added, “The discussion aims at finding ways to abate danger when U.S. military is overly focused on a certain region or in case of unexpected incidents.” He also emphasized, “Guam has become an important strategic point. We can move swiftly (from Guam) to lessen danger and contain those who take advantage of unexpected events.” The General said, “Rotational deployment of long-distance bombers can be a very practical plan. Although nothing has been decided, the discussion is in process to search for the alternatives.” The U.S. Air Force is not permanently stationed at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam but the base has been used as a strategic point to send long-distance bombers to Afghanistan and Iraq. The U.S. placed about 150 bombers (B-52) at Andersen Air Force Base during the Vietnam War in 1961~75.

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