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Will a Samson Carrying a Guitar Be Traded to Samsung?

Posted January. 13, 2004 23:30,   


LG player Lee Sang-hoon’s departure for Samsung came down to the last minute.

LG coach Lee Soon-chul, who returned from Guam on January 13 and had a meeting with team head Yoo Seong-min, confirmed this again when he announced that the “trade for him was determined” in an interview in the team’s office.

“The most important thing is the how well the team cooperates before the season gets started,” Yoo said. “I will support a coach who leads all of our players. I will finish this as soon as possible.”

Because of this, trade interest in Lee Sang-hoon has become very active. Three or four teams are now showing interest in him,’ said Coach Lee. “I would like to receive young and promising players in exchange for him.”

Lee did not mention specific teams, but Samsung and Lotte are reportedly interested.

The team mostly likely interested is Samsung. Samsung head coach Sun Dong-ryul, who is close with Coach Lee, will visit Seoul after finishing an afternoon training section and negotiate to conclude the deal.

“A cash trade would be preferable, but those are technically difficult to pull off,” Coach Sun said. “A trade for Kwon Hyuk, which some have suggested, is not possible.” Kwon is a left-handed pitching prospect in his third year out high school, and Samsung has high hopes for his future with the team.

As a result, it appears that the trade will consist of an exchange of money and players according to LG head Yoo. “I will consider various kinds of ways.”

Apart from Samsung, Lotte is also in the running to make a deal, however. Lotte Coach Yang Sang-moon was confident, saying that “we are also into him. We have our own trade cards to play.”

Kia, once thought of as a possible trade destination, has abandoned its attempt to secure the rights to Lee.

“The subject of Lee came up at the beginning of January, but we gave up.” said Kia head Jeong Jae-gong “I didn’t think he could be easily reconciled with other players because of [Lee’s] strong personality.”

Lee has become tradable from LG ever since his refusal to obey Coach Lee’s order forbidding him from bringing his guitar to the team’s training camp in Australia. The LG team will leave Korea for training on January 18.

Sang-Soo Kim ssoo@donga.com