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Seeking an Arrest Warrant on Lawmaker Kim Yeong-il

Posted January. 07, 2004 23:09,   


The Central Investigation Agency of the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office announced Wednesday that it will seek an arrest warrant on Kim Yeong-il, lawmaker from the Grand National Party (GNP). He is suspected of collecting illegal campaign funds from Samsung, LG, Hyundai Motors, SK, and Kumho Group.

The prosecution will seek an arrest warrant on Mr. Kim after an extraordinary session of the National Assembly ends on Thursday.

It is also considering ways to issue a warrant again on Choi Don-woong from the GNP, Chung Dae-cheol from the Uri Party, and Park Ju-seon from the Millennium Democratic Party (MDP). Last time, the warrant on them was rejected.

The prosecutor’s office will summon Lee Cheol-woong, a director of finance at the GNP, on charges of delivering 7.5 million won in runaway money to Mr. Park who once worked with him. Mr. Park was arrested the other day.

Director Lee is suspected of giving cash three times to Mr. Park who hid at the GNP building last November, the prosecution said.

It found out that Kumho Group conveyed one billion won in unregistered bonds to the Roh Moo-hyun camp during the 2002 presidential election, and it provisionally concluded that the money was part of the illegal campaign fund. The prosecution also said that it would reveal more of the illegal funds of Kumho Group as the investigation proceeds.

The prosecution found out that Hanwha Group chairman Kim Seung-hyeon left for the U.S. with his wife and three aides without notice. It is persuading the chairman to return.

The prosecution lifted the exit ban on LG Group Chairman Koo Bon-moo after it affirmed that major shareholders of LG Group were the source of the 15 billion won sent to the GNP.

The prosecution will summon Sohn Kil-seung, chairman of SK Group, on Thursday, to investigate whether or not he misappropriated the public fund of SK shipping to himself.

Either on Thursday of Friday, it will also call and investigate Park Yeon-cha, Chairman of Tae Kwang Industry, who is known to have sent campaign fund to both the GNP and the MDP during the last presidential election.

Wi-Yong Jung Tae-Hoon Lee viyonz@donga.com jefflee@donga.com