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Uri Party Independent Committee Members Resign in Waves

Posted January. 05, 2004 22:35,   


Five people from a 10-member independent nomination evaluation board for next year’s National Assembly elections at the pro-president Uri Party have resigned, Dong-A Ilbo learned.

On December 29, novelist Hwang Seok-young resigned from the board, saying, “The Uri Party appointed me to the board without any prior discussions. Over the weekend, Catholic priest Hahm Se-woong, church minister Yu Kyung-je, Prof. Kim Dae-hwan of Inha University and Chung hyun-baek, the chairwoman of the Korea Women’s Association United followed Hwang’s lead. They all cited the political burden the committee activities would cause as the reason.

Prof. Kim, who managed the second economy division of President’s Roh’s government transitional committee last year, said in a telephone interview with Dong-A, “I initially accepted the Uri Party offer because I wanted to help the party with an outside perspective. When news of my acceptance spread, I was believed to have special relations with the party.” He added, “It had some bearing on me when I often asked whether or not the party has promised me one of the non-contested National Assembly seats it receives in proportions to the number of votes it wins.”

“Once appointed to the committee,” said Chairwoman Chung, “I was more than often asked whether or not I have joined the Uri Party, to the point that it has interrupted my daily routine.”

“I have never accepted the offer,” said Priest Hahm. “I decided to resign from the committee because I would be very busy in the beginning of the year,” said Rev. Yu. He added, “This does not mean that I have some issue with the Uri Party.”

In related development, the Uri Party has appointed five new members to fill the vacancies. It named another to the committee, increasing the number of evaluation members to 11. The five who are still on the committee are: Prof. Kim Moon-hwan of Seoul National University, Prof. Kim Jae-hong of Kyonggi University, Prof. Cho Ki-sook of Ehwa Woman’s University and Chairwoman Yun Jee-hee of the National Parents League for Genuine Education.

Seung-Heon Lee ddr@donga.com