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LG Runs Over Korea Electronics in Opening Match

Posted January. 04, 2004 23:33,   


The LG Fire volleyball team captured a victory over Korea Electronics in a difficult match.

In the opening match of the 2004 KT&G Volleyball Mokpo (Second) Tour held at the Mokpo Gymnasium, LG Fire notched a set score 3-2 win against Korea Electronics on a two set even tie break.

The biggest spotlight of this season is LG Fire`s comeback after two years with “Cannon” Lee Kyung-soo back on the squad. But as the game proved itself, “LG Fire`s nuclear core” Lee Kyung-soo was sluggish and slow due to the aftermath of four weeks of military training as the outlook for a strong comeback by LG seems to diminish.

LG Fire kicked off a good start by scoring six points, all on blocks by front liners Kim Sung-che and Lee Kyung-soo as well as Son Suk Bum, as they indiscriminately launched front left and right attacks. LG took the first set 25-17.

However, things turned around in the second set. The three-pack veterans of Korean Electronics consisting of the oldest active player Kim Chul-so (34), Shim Hyun-sup (33), and Lee Byung-hee (31), pushed LG with a strong and solid defense, allowing LG to make numerous unforced errors. With a score of 19-23 in the second set, Korea Electronics didn`t miss the chance as Lee Byung-hee scored two consecutive points to even up the score. After rounds of give and take in a deuce situation, Korea Electronics chipped away with a 31-29 set victory.

Keeping up the firepower and morale, Korea Electronics grabed the third set victory with the oustanding performance of Lee Byung-hee and eight unforced errors by LG Fire. It looked like the goddess of victory seemed to lean on Korea Electronics side with Korea Electronics leading the set score 2-1.

However, in the fourth set, the situation switched again as LG Fire substitued Hwong Won-shik for rookie Sohn Jang-hoon as the setter. LG Fire`s swift attack play got back in pace with Kim Sung-chae`s attack dominating the right side as LG Fire snatched the set 25-22 , taking it back to the starting point.

LG took a deep sigh, and in the fifth set, Lee Yong-hee of LG contributed four points in blocking the opening part of the game and went on a 7-2 run as LG finished off the game with a crisp 15-9 triumph.

Lee Byung-hee lead the team with 28 points while LG`s Sohn Suk Bum scored 27 points and Kim Sung-chae and Lee Kyung-soo added 23 and 22 points respectively in reserve for the LG Fires.

Match Record of the 4th

Male B Group

LG Fire (1 win) 3-2 Korea Electronics (1 loss)

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