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“For Immediate Homecoming, I Already Finished Packing…”

“For Immediate Homecoming, I Already Finished Packing…”

Posted December. 26, 2003 22:51,   


“I already packed up everything to return to Korea immediately. I don’t know what is happening there…” Kim Sang-sick (35), SBS basketball coach during his stay in the U.S. as a student, felt restless. Sensation of SBS’ forfeited game, resignation of his father Kim Young-ki, president of KBL…. Recently, he couldn’t do anything but watch the basketball news. Reluctantly accepting telephone interview requests, he asked an offhand question, “What do you think about all those troubles?”

“After the news that SBS disciplined the coaching staff and had benched me, I decided to rush back to Korea and I started to pack. I tried to dispose of my apartment and to sell the unnecessary household items.”

However, the next day he heard the news that SBS would postpone his homecoming according to President Kim’s resignation. “There was no official notice from SBS. In wonderment, I inquired a front staff member. Yet he just answered that SBS will contact me soon.”

The other day, Lee Sang-bum, SBS’ disqualified coach, called Kim, “He said he felt regret over my father’s resignation, blaming himself. I told him that it was all right and wished him good luck.”

Not having the heart to call his father, Kim asked his mother about his health. As a middle school senior, he started out his life as a basketball player, against his father’s wishes. This was the first time he realized that his father was trying to retire a little bit earlier. Previously, his father had worried about the delicate situation arising from a coach’s son- president father relationship.

“I am still young and have plenty of chances. I’d like to tell him that he should finish up his tenure in office, despite the prolonged studying time. On the other hand, however, I should also consider about the situation of SBS, supporting my study….”

Kim, who went over to the U.S. after his marriage in May, is in charge of USC and LACC on a one-year plan. “I’m praying for an amicable settlement,” Kim said, seemingly disturbed.

Jong-Seok Kim kjs0123@donga.com