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Supplying New Helmets and Vests to the Iraq Troops

Posted December. 18, 2003 22:52,   


The Ministry of Defense has decided to supply state-of-the-art equipment to soldiers in Iraq next April for physical protection and to settle down the supplementary force. For this, it plans to receive a census from the Ser-hee and Jemma units.

According to Ministry of Defense, the “Pritz bulletproof helmet” will be given to the dispatched troops. This helmet was made due to the criticism that the original one has only limited protection and that it does not cover the back side. The Pritz helmet is the result of many years of research and, similar to the helmet used during WW2 by the Germans, it protects the back of the head as well.

In addition, it is safe from a rifle’s shot after a certain distance, making it a better helmet than the American’s.

The new bulletproof vest gives protection of attack from the front and back and is designed to keep a machine gun’s shot from getting through. The new desert combat uniform is made with improved material to allow not only better absorption of sweat but also better air circulation. Moreover, the ministry announced that that the boots have less leathery material and instead more light and flexible textile to cover the ankle and shin areas.

Sang-Ho Yun ysh1005@donga.com