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Bush, “A Year Of Accomplishment”

Posted December. 14, 2003 22:59,   


U.S. President George W. Bush said on December 13 that “This year has been ‘a year of accomplishment’.” The examples of accomplishment that Bush mentioned are the economic success, the Iraqi War, and Medicare.

On his weekly radio address, Bush argued that because of his effort in the Medicare bill legislation, more senior citizens can benefit from governmental medical coverage, and his tax cut measures helped boosted the economy in the third quarter, obtaining an eye-opening progress for the first time in the recent 20 years.

“Productivity, manufacturing industry, and housing constructions are expanding or increasing. An additional 300,000 new job openings have been created. The tax cut measure is proving itself to be fruitful,” remarked Bush confidently.

But, an hour later, the Democratic senator Harry Reid (Nevada) said on his party’s radio speech that the measures such as Medicare change, tax cuts, and the war against terrorism which Republicans have driven forward this year are steering the whole country totally off course, with a minute refutation item by item. He added, “Considering the national administration so far, who takes charge of presidency seems to be a really important matter.”

With the next presidential election just a year ahead, Bush’s address is focusing on showing off his administrative accomplishments. It has been known that Bush’s election camp has collected about $112 million through the fund-raising campaigns that has been held over 42 times since May 2003.