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Fifteen Billion Won In Cash Accepted From LG

Posted December. 09, 2003 22:57,   


The Central Investigation Bureau at the Supreme Public Prosecutor`s Office, which was investigating the illicit presidential funds, issued an arrest warrant against Seo Jung-woo, the vice-president of the aid association for and legal advisor to the former presidential candidate, Lee Hoi-chang, on charges of accepting 15 billion won in illicit funds from LG.

According to the prosecution, Soe is under suspicion for accepting tens of billions of won in illegal political funds from more than three conglomerates, including 15 billion won from Kang Yoo-sik, the head director of the LG restructuring head office, right before the presidential election on November 22.

Samsung Group is also among the enterprises in question, and the prosecution has been extending the investigation with evidence that Seo accepted large amounts of election funds besides official supporting financing from Samsung.

LG had put 15 billion won of illegal presidential funds donated by major stockholders into 63 boxes, loaded them into a freight car, and given them to Seo at a rest stop on the Kyoungbu express highway at around 8:40 p.m. on November 22, said a prosecution source.

Kang had collected the funds in consultation with Lee, the executive director of the restructuring head office at the time, after a request for funds from Rep. Choi Don-wung of the GNP last November, the source said.

“At present, Seo refuses to give a statement, so we couldn’t finish the investigation of the situation of Seo’s accepting the funds. We plans to investigate the usage of the funds and the illicitness of the donation by LG stockholders,” said Moon Hyo-nam, an investigator.

He also added, “Regarding LG, since the facts constituting an offense are clear and sufficient, we can request the arrest warrant on these suspicions. However, another investigation against other companies providing funds to Seo will be conducted sooner or later.” His statement implies that evidence of funds Seo collected illegally will increase.

Meanwhile, in regard to the scandals around President Roh, the prosecution plans this week to summon Lee Gwang-jae, the former aide to the president, who is suspected of accepting 100 million won from Sun & Moon.

The prosecution also summoned President Roh’s hometown friend Sun Bong-sul, the president of Jangsoochun Inc. and interrogated him on whether or not he accepted the SK funds of 340 million won from Choi Do-sul, the former aide to President Roh.

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