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Buan Crisis Has No Political Solution

Posted November. 25, 2003 22:41,   


President Roh Moo-hyun commented on November 25, concerning the construction of a nuclear waste disposal site in Buan, stating, “Holding a resident’s vote under the circumstances where a sense of fear and negative groundless rumors are roaming around is nothing but a formality and a means to find a justified reason to escape the problem.” President Roh also emphasized, “If the government is not capable of carrying out its duties because of the obstruction caused by violent mass behavior, the government’s principals and faith will be lost, and sooner or later, military force will be implemented into the matter.”

President Roh was supervising the Cabinet council when he stated, “This problem is affiliated with matters of the national administration and therefore cannot be conciliated, for it has been proved of its legality.”

President Roh also commented, “The legality of the process of coming to a final decision on the location of the site needs to be secured after talks with the local residents and with scientific research” and therefore asked the state minister to “consider solving the problem according to this principle if a political resolution is unsuccessful due to the abandonment of this process, or else it will become a bad example.”

President Roh added that he is “willing to meet with intellectuals and arbitrators from all notables representing various social circles, representatives of the civil society, and residents of Buan in order to come to a rational and serene conclusion if needed.”

President Roh, concerning this matter, commented, “There are no intentions of carrying out this project by deceiving the residents of Buan. This problem will be solved by presenting to the residents of Buan a subjective opinion after having talks with them through a rational process and then letting the residents decide.”

President Roh further stated, “There is an urgent need of solving this matter by presenting a rational and appropriate process to the people and to stop making the problem a bargaining matter.” He also gave instructions demanding the “Secretary of the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs and the Director of the Police to compromise to withdraw the police force as soon as an atmosphere leading to the belief in re-establishment of order is attainted by the people.”

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