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Democratic Party, "Old-Fashioned Politics...For Roh to Accept the Special Investigation Bill"

Democratic Party, "Old-Fashioned Politics...For Roh to Accept the Special Investigation Bill"

Posted November. 23, 2003 22:49,   


The political world altogether has criticized the interview by Representative Choi Byung-rul, chairman of the major opposition Grand National Party, who stated that it (GNP) will go into a face-to-face struggle against President Roh Moo-hyun if he rejects the Special Investigation Law bill.

In particular, the Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) has decided to separate itself from the “GNP-MDP alliance” that was criticized earlier by its own supporters.

Vice spokesperson of the MDP, Chang Jun-hyung, harshly criticized, "The act of the GNP going on a full strike, using tactics such as street publicity and ransoming the budget bill, is an `analog` and an example of old-fashioned politics. The GNP is trying to uncover the others’ faults while covering up their own illegal election funds."

Representative Park Joo-sun from the same party pointed out saying, "The behavior of the GNP reveals its true intention to suggest the special investigation to be used for political offensives.”

However, the MDP has clearly expressed its unchanged policies once again through spokesperson Kim Sung-soon to “re-vote if the bill is rejected.” Younger members of the MDP, who had been opposed to the “GNP-MDP alliance” originally, have agreed on re-voting, and it is analyzed that this change derives from the need to check the current political activities of President Roh in regards to the general election.

The Uri Party has also expressed aggressive criticism. Chairman of General Affairs Committee Lee Jae-jung criticized, "The attitude of the GNP is destroying the constitutional order of the country which bestows the president with a right to veto."

Head of the Comprehensive Organization, Park Yang-soo, said, "Under the current circumstances of constant instability abroad in Iraq and economic difficulties within Korea, GNP representatives are forgetting their responsibilities and doing what lies outside their duties. This is reflecting that they absolutely do not deserve to be an authorized party."

Chairman of Policy Committee of the Democratic Alliance Chung Woo-taek said, "The GNP, who nullified the establishment of the special committee regarding the transfer of the new administrative capital that has already been agreed upon by the leaders from the four parties, has changed its position in the special investigation issues as well. The GNP is an unpredictable and laughable party."

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