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I’m Happy Because I’m Called as Foolish Pretty

Posted November. 20, 2003 23:01,   


The leader of quartet women dancing group “Jewelry,” Park Jung-a (22), finds out her attraction from the phrase, “Unbalanced personality and facial look”

“My personal appearance is feminine, but I don’t show it off. I say foolish remarks, and cannot control my facial expressions freely. It might be said that the ‘basics of celebrity’ has not been set upon me yet. But, people seem to be satisfied with it.”

Since November 6, Park Jung-a has taken charge of the joint MC role of “Midnight TV Entertainment (MTE)” on SBS. Because she is also in charge of KBS’ “Music Bank” and MBC’s “Time Machine” now, this new role has given her the opportunity to cover three different television broadcasting companies’ programs simultaneously.

On the afternoon of November 19, Park Jung-a showed up at the cafeteria in Yeoido, Seoul. She displayed many facial expressions and smiled as time rolled on. She said that she has heard, “You cannot stand around with a boring demeanor easily” so many times from the people around her.

“MTE is for the innovation of my image. I have showed only an active and playful side in many of the variety shows. However, because MTE is a program which reports the entertainment news all together, I can give ‘credence’ to the TV audiences this time.”

There are some fans who favorably speak of her saying, “MTE gets brighter and cozy,” but some criticism have been also stirred up, saying, “Her voice is little bit husky and her pronunciation is not good. It is difficult to figure out what she is saying.” In response, Park said, “I am doing my best to patch up my voice and pronunciation, but it is hard to understand when the people find fault with my intonation or my tone of laughter.”

“Many people against me have also been cropped up. That is probably due to my increasing popularity. But I have been suffering a lot from the articles on these anti-me sites on the Internet. However, they earnestly monitor the programs in which I appear.” (Smile)

When the sweet tune of “Creep” by Radiohead, an English rock band, filled the air of the cafeteria, Park Jung-A said, “I really want to sing music like this.”

“My most favorite music genre is rock. It suits me well. ‘Jaurim,’ ’No Doubt,’ and ‘Metallica’ are my favorite musicians. I am happy when I go to the night clubs around Hongik University such as ‘Jammers’.”

However, Park Jung-a did say, “I am a member of a dance group. I am anxious about people disliking me if I release rock music.”

Park Jung-a will continue to appear as a member of “Jewelry,” and will release her first single album in Japan around January of next year.

Park Jung-a also felt it burdensome when the people speak of her as “Post-Lee Hyo-lee,” because she has a free and easy personality and is much more popular as an MC than as a singer like Lee Hyo-lee.

“I have seen a newspaper article saying like this. I wanted to tell the reporter, ‘Don’t do it again.’ But, I have decided to take it in as a compliment, regardless of what Lee Hyo-lee is thinking.”