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Restrictions Dramatically Eased On Land In Regional Special Districts

Restrictions Dramatically Eased On Land In Regional Special Districts

Posted November. 18, 2003 22:52,   


Restrictions will be eased after the appointment of “the regional special districts.” For example, restrictions related to the Military Facilities–Shelter Act will be eased in the military safeguard zones and constructions will be allowed. Similarly, diverse restrictions related to the Forest Law, the Agricultural Land Act, and the Educational Law will also be eased. Therefore, we are expecting a variety of districts - eco-specialized districts, senior districts (silver d.), foreign languages educational districts, and other districts suitable for the atmosphere of the region – to be freed from the established restrictions.

On November 18, the government passed a bill related to “developing regional specialized districts” at the State Council under the supervision of President Roh Moo-hyun. The essential point of the bill was to nullify 71 legal restrictions in “the special districts.” The government planned to authorize “the special districts” among the applied local autonomous entities if the bill passes during this session of the National Assembly; it will be around May or June of next year, with a six month period after the official announcement.

The Ministry of Finance and Economy preliminarily received applications for “the special districts” in August, and from 234 regions, 448 special districts were requested. 330 special districts are available for this special rule.

The government has decided to simultaneously nullify 26 restrictive items related to land and to utilize specialized districts, considering the fact that 62 percent of the local autonomous entities’ requirements were focused on land restrictions.

Accordingly, from now on, restrictions under the Military Facilities – Shelter Act, such as prohibiting constructions and others, will be dramatically eased in the authorized “special area,” because this was considered after an agreement with the Minister of National Defense and the commander of that district. We are expecting a special rule applied to the 19 pre-determined “special districts,” including “a special district for an ecological park” in the demilitarized zone in Kyoung-ki, Paju.

Developing a ski resort allows “an adventurous leisure-sports district” in Kangwon, In-jae, appointed as one of the “special district.” This district is authorized as a mountainous district.

Kim Young-dong, head of the second department of the Ministry of Finance and Economy, said, “We will authorize as many ‘specialized districts’ as possible upon finishing an established application next year and considering the ability and atmosphere of the area.”

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