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Justice Minister Kang Decides On Legality of Special Probe Bill Today

Justice Minister Kang Decides On Legality of Special Probe Bill Today

Posted November. 17, 2003 22:47,   


Justice Minister Kang Kum-sil on November 17 said that she would review whether the special prosecution law is against the constitution or not and make her decision before the State Council meeting on November 18.

Kang, at the National Assembly’s Special Budgeting Committee, said, “From a political point of view, it is related with the president’s aides, and it already passed the National Assembly’s decision, so I am in no position to demand reconsideration of the bill. But the Justice Department has responsibility to give out legal interpretation and to present its own opinion about the bill.”

She added, “I think that presenting a legal opinion is my responsibility, so I will do the job despite some of the political denunciations and burdens on me.”

Kim Byung-ho from the GNP asked her whether the review would be a legal one for the special prosecution bill itself or for the addition of a special probe to the current investigation, and she answered that it would mostly be related with the former while the latter could be included in the former.

Minister Kang said, “It is a correct process that the legislative power makes a bill and then the president can accept it or demand its reconsideration, which should be discussed at the State Council meeting. And, as a leading department for the case, we have a right to present our opinions.”

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