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“In Order to Learn More”

Posted November. 11, 2003 23:06,   


“I am going to learn more. I hope fans will not be disappointed even if I don’t play well.”

“Cinderella” Ahn Shi-hyun (19, Kolon) departed for and hoped for good result on Wednesday at the Mobile LPGA Tournament of Champions, taking place on November 14 in Mobile, Alabama, United States. Ahn Shi-hyun, has been burdened with being a celebrity and has attended various events after her LPGA Tour victory, even coming to the airport wearing dark sunglasses. This makes us realize her new identity.

The Mobile LPGA Tournament of Champions is the LPGA Tour`s version of the All-Star Game in which only 32 players take part, including winners of LPGA Tour events in the past three years and active hall of honor members. Ahn Shi-hyun was invited because of her convincing victory at the CJ Nine Bridges Classic. Her reputation was increased in the golf world as a result of this victory.

Prior to departure, Ahn contributed 10 million won out of her winning prize purse $187,500 (approximately 225 million won) to Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association fund.

―How do you feel about your first LPGA Tour?

“I am nervous. I couldn’t sleep well last night. Because I want to play well, I have a heavy heart and am feeling pressured. As I am a person who can adapt well to different weather conditions, I think I can sufficiently adjust after only one day.”

―How is your condition?

“I hardly have time to rest. I don’t feel so good.”

―You have to compete with LPGA Tour player….

“I am confident. If I play one by one with what I have and don’t worry about winning, there will be good results. I will focus on my play. I want to play with Annika Sorenstam and Julie Inster whom I have only seen on TV.” (Sorenstam will be absent at this tour.)

―What is your aim in this tour?

“It is to finish in the top 10. Even if I get to the top 10, I think I will have learned and realized more. I will play and also study.”

―What things have changed after your victory?

“The interest on me is bigger. Some is good but some is bad. Many things have changed.”

Jong-Seok Kim kjs0123@donga.com