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[Editorial] Suspicion of Choi Do-sul Still Not Cleared Up

[Editorial] Suspicion of Choi Do-sul Still Not Cleared Up

Posted November. 03, 2003 23:00,   


There is some uneasiness about the results of the investigation on former presidential aide Choi Do-sul. There are not many critical points which can back up the reason with which President Roh Moo-hyun has driven forward the measure of holding the confidence vote and has asked the public whether or not he should resign.

It has been heard that Choi had taken another bribe, worth $8,500, from the companies of Busan, not including SK. He egged the conglomerates for large sums of money with the reason given as paying back the debts piled up during the presidential election. It is quite unbelievable that there were only three or four small companies to which he clamored for money. After the indictment, the prosecutors should carry on the investigation, in order to completely clear up the entire case.

Sun Bong-sul, the former driver of President Roh, received $200,000 as a bribe, but its whereabouts has not been cleared up yet. Sun elucidated that he paid it out all to buy real estate, but Sun had also worked as the chief of Jangsuchun, a water bottling company, and there is still some suspicion that he spent the money to take back the debt of his company. He recently asked to put off his interview because of his poor physical condition, but he is under investigation without physical restraints. The prosecutors should not duck out of the right decision, running against the rule of treating the suspects.

Considering the behavior of Choi, the exposure of MDP spokesperson Yu Jong-phil, “It seems like that the advisors of the president lost their reasoning power under the downpour of the bribes,” does not seem like all nonsense. Even though the prosecutors set forth that the president was not aware of his advisors receiving large amounts of money, there are not many explanations that can clear up the facts. President Roh can not easily get away with the corruption, for he should manage his followers in an ethical way before getting down to his actual responsibilities.

President Roh remarked that if there is not much evidence, he would admit a special investigation on this matter. If the investigation drags out more and the case does not perfectly clear up, the president should enact the special investigation on him.