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[Editorial] It Is Good For Both Parties to Confess the Truth

[Editorial] It Is Good For Both Parties to Confess the Truth

Posted November. 02, 2003 22:45,   


In connection with the investigation of the election campaign funds, President Roh Moo-hyun said yesterday, “Give the entire picture of the political funds, and take this opportunity for a radical reform on the political funds system.” President Roh’s solution is right because politics and the economy cannot take a step forward without rooting out the chains of the “Black Money.”

To accomplish it, President Roh has to expedite his truth confession. I do think that it is in wrong order that President Roh makes his position clear after the investigation. As the president, he has to confess everything clearly, be investigated by the prosecutor, acknowledges his faults if he has any, and bear the responsibility for his faults if necessary. Still, there is some truth in President Roh’s indication that “Doesn’t it seem as if we are sending a message to the prosecutor if only our sides confess the truth?” Therefore, the Grand National Party (GNP) and the former Prime Minister of the GNP Lee Hoi-Chang must also tell the truth.

The prosecutor is in an atmosphere of hard work because if the prosecutor broadens its investigation to other enterprises except for SK Group, it could have a negative effect upon the economy. In this situation, if the president and the GNP tell the truth, the prosecutor could muster up its courage to investigate without hesitation. The prosecutor could thoroughly investigate with the clues, and the concerned parties cannot be silent and standing idly.

If the ruling and the opposition parties delay revealing the truth to the public, the prosecution and defense of the election campaign funds could be dragged on by next year’s general election. By going through the process, the national administration will be disordered, and each party’s propelling improvement of the political funds system could go up like a rocket and come down like a stick. Not to betray the nation’s expectation on the reformation of the politics, the election campaign funds scandal must be examined thoroughly.

In connection with the referendum for the confidence evaluation, President Roh said “still effective,” and this issue should bow to the nations’ will when the investigation of the election campaign funds scandal is brought to an end. The unstable national administration of the election funds, which incites the nation’s instability, must be put in order as soon as possible. That is why the two parties have to confess the truth as soon as possible.