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[Editorial] An Eye on The Prosecutor’s Independent Counsel First

[Editorial] An Eye on The Prosecutor’s Independent Counsel First

Posted October. 27, 2003 22:55,   


Apologizing to the nation for flowing in the slush fund from SK Group, the Grand National Party (GNP) Chairman, Choe Byung-yul, suggested the unlimited Independent Counsel to root out the illegal political fund. Choe’s understanding of the present situation – break down of the ruinous illness, adherence to the politico-economics and the filthy politics at this moment – is correct. However, it is questionable whether it is right to refer to the Independent Counsel at this time in order to solve the problem.

As I pointed out before, now is the time to watch the prosecutor’s investigation, which begins in earnest. If the results of the investigation are insufficient or out of balance, the Independent Counsel has to operate even if the GNP detains it. Why on earth is the nation staying calm if the opposition party is unduly oppressed?

Suggesting the Independent Counsel could be seen as an expedient decision, the ruling sides are already raising its voice on the suggestion of “Diluting the SK slush fund scandal.” If the situation is developing like this, it is highly possible that the substance of the case, getting to the truth and reforming the political funds, will be pushed out and the ruling and opposition parties will fight like cats and dogs again.

What did Choe say when the prosecutor investigated President Roh’s aide, Choi Do-sul, about receiving slush fund from SK Group? He praised the prosecutor sky-high and also said that senior prosecutor Ahn Dae-hee was “The man with the highest power in Korea.” It was the former secretary-general of the GNP, Kim Young-iel, who judged perfectly in every step, the absurdity of the prosecutor’s investigation on the lawmaker, Choi Don-woong. The GNP only insisted the Independent Counsel, which is why people blame the GNP’s response as a political move. It is understandable whether or not the GNP has the will to operate the Independent Counsel because the GNP presented seven absurdity items connected with president’s aides along with the SK slush fund scandal, in compensation for the Independent Counsel.

The poll funds’ absurdity must be scraped out this time. If the nation judges the prosecutor’s investigation as insufficient, the Independent Counsel therefore, has to be operated. It is not a big deal for The GNP to accomplish its purpose – the Independent Counsel- because they are the majority party who holds a majority seat. At this time however, the GNP has to examine the prosecutor’s investigation - that is the responsible attitude of the first party and also the correct way to assure justice.