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Thorough Investigation for Collecting 10 Billion Won

Posted October. 27, 2003 22:48,   


Prosecutors, investigating the SK slush fund scandal, summoned and made a vigilant investigation into Lee Jae-hyun, the former financial bureau chief of the Grand National Party, who had had control over finances during the GNP`s presidential campaign.

Prosecutors will accuse Lee of violation of the law over political funds if he is proved to be involved in collecting the illicit funds from SK.

Among those likely to be summoned are Rep. Kim Young-iel and Rep. Na Oh-yeon, who attended the countermeasure meeting for collecting political funds with Lee.

Rep. Choi Don-woong, who admitted accepting 10 billion won from SK last November to investigators Tuesday, recently told current GNP leaders that he delivered the money to the party`s campaign organization office. Prosecutors investigated Lee about who the key players in the process were.

Sources said that prosecutors decided on a course of action to uncover the use of 10 billion won to the maximum. Related to the decision, SK Chairman Son Kil-seung recently called for more details on the money deliver to the GNP.

The prosecution is also investigating Rep. Lee Sang-soo of the People`s Party for Reform. He was delivered one billion won under the name of SK’s 33 personnel when he was the chief of the general affairs department in the campaign organization of the Millennium Democratic Party. Prosecutors summoned other party executives to make clear where the money went. Also, it is considering calling Rep. Chung Dong-cheal of the People`s Party for Reform, who is known to have beeb involved in delivering the money.

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