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Investigation on Alleged Conspiracy on 10 Billion Won Receipt

Investigation on Alleged Conspiracy on 10 Billion Won Receipt

Posted October. 26, 2003 23:01,   


The Central Investigation Department of the Supreme Public Prosecutors’ Office, investigating the SK slush fund case, announced yesterday that it will summon Lee Jae-hyun, former director of the Finance Committee, who was previously in charge of financial affairs for the Grand National Party (GNP) during last year’s presidential campaign.

The prosecution plans to investigate to find out whether Choi Dong-woong, former chairman of the Finance Committee, exacted 10 billion won from SK Group in conspiracy with Kim Young-iel, who served as GNP’s secretary general, and Na Oh-yun, the former chairman of the backers’ association and who played a leading role among them in this scheme.

If Lee claims his role in the SK slush fund case was just as a messenger, the prosecution sources said that it is inevitable to summon Kim and Na directly.

In case that either the prosecution finds evidence or Lee admits that they accepted funds from private companies other than SK Group, the prosecution is considering an expansion of investigation.

However, it is heard that Lee denied any speculation by saying, “A meeting for fund-raising held last October was one of the ordinary meetings which are formally held before meeting with backers’ associations.”

The prosecution issued departure bans to a couple of people who are allegedly involved with 1.1 billion won bribery scandal in which Choi Do-sul, a former presidential secretary, received the funds from SK Group.

These people, who directly engaged in the 1.1 billion won bribery scandal, in which Choi received the funds from SK Group Chairman Song Kil-seung before last year’s presidential election and who are related to Choi’s paying off debts incurring during the campaign, will face such departure bans.

“Before prosecuting Choi, at least 90 percent on where Choi spent 1.1 billion won will be revealed,” and, “Among findings, we assume there are several factors which can draw attention,” prosecution sources said.

The question on whether Choi collected bribes from another local company way before the presidential election is currently investigated by the prosecutors’ office.

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