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Nosamo, “Let’s Move Forward for Next General Election”

Nosamo, “Let’s Move Forward for Next General Election”

Posted October. 26, 2003 23:03,   


Around 500 members of Nosamo (the group of people who love and support Roh Moo-hyun) all over the country held an event, “Autumn Airing of Nosamo” in the Namhankang Training Institute of Yangpyong from October 25 to 26.

At this event, they announced, “We will move forward to gain the reformed National Assembly in the next general election without hesitation. We will make the reformation of the new world settle and declare that we are the owners of this country.”

This event was originally planned as a Seoul district event, but it was enlarged to a national event in the sense that they needed to discuss “the role and course of Nosamo.”

Kim Doo-kwan, the former minister of Government Administration and Home Affairs, and Hu Hun-na, the former congressman of the Millennium Democratic Party, and Kim Yun-kyu, president of Hyundai-Asan, and others participated in this event.

According to the Yonhap News, the former Minister Kim said, “I hope that old political affairs and political corruption will be liquidated through the general election and next year will be the original year of political reformation.”

It was said that Kim of Hyundai-Asan participated in the events related with the Mountain KumKang tours of Nosamo members which will happen next month, and he talked about the troublesome and funny experience in the course of economic cooperation between South and North Korea through his greetings.

After finishing the lecture and free speaking, Nosamo read the statement, “We are the people who love Roh Moo-hyun.”

Nosamo pledged in the statement, which is disclosed on the Internet homepage (http://www.nosamo.org), “A river meanders back and forth, but it finally reaches the sea. We should proceed this way, gaining the victory. We will liquidate the political vagabonds promoting rivalry of localism and choose the people opening the new world of unification.” They also added, “We will greet the world so that the nation can participate in it, and the nation can be the owner of this country. This is the way we love Roh Moo-hyun”.

Meanwhile, Myung Key-nam, a movie actor who rejoined Nosamo right after President Roh‘s proposal to hold a vote to weigh the public’s confidence in him, did not take part in this event for private reasons.