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The Capital Lobby Against the System of an Electronic Ballot Counting

The Capital Lobby Against the System of an Electronic Ballot Counting

Posted October. 17, 2003 22:50,   


Kim Tae-hee, the senior prosecutor of the special department in Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office, has decided to summon some officials of the National Election Commission (NEC) and Mr. Yu, the president of Gwanwoo Information& Technology Company, who are involved in choosing a business partner for an electronic ballot counting system. The prosecution secured the audio taped material of Mr. Yu making a monetary gift to the officials of the NEC.

An arrest warrant was requested by the prosecution for Mr. Yu. Yu, through a review of legality for confinement in Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office, said, “ I talked it with my business partner, and he recorded our conversation to hand in to the prosecution.”

The recorded material showed that Mr. Yu met an official of the NEC and was asked to attend the bid process with the large corporation. After that Mr. Yu joined SK C&C and attended the bid process of choosing a business partner.

The prosecution requested an arrest warrant for Mr. Kim, the senior manager of Public Business Department in SK C&C, on suspicion of giving a bribe of 120 million won to Mr. Lee, an official of NEC. The prosecution will also request an arrest warrant for Mr. Lee on suspicion of receiving a bribe against the law for special crimes, further adding the extra weight. According to the prosecution, Mr. Kim lobbied for the money, 120 million won from Mr. Yu, and he gave a portion of the money to Mr. Lee through the lobbyist A and reportedly asked, “Please help me to be a business partner of electronic ballot counting system.”

SK C&C was the main contractor in the electronic ballot counting system business, being in charge of delivery of goods and operation to the NEC, so Gwanwoo joined the SK C&C.

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