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The Prosecution “Tolerance if Song Repents”

Posted October. 17, 2003 22:48,   


The first public safety division, (Oh Se-hun, superintendent public prosecutor) which scrutinized Song Doo-yul’s violation of the National Security Law at the Seoul district public prosecutor’s office, will tolerate Song if he repents cordially and reveals all facts.

On that day, the prosecution said, “It is a concern that Song will only tell his resolution about the things he will do positively in the future, utterly not reflecting his past behavior. We can be more lenient if he shows his introspection.”

However, regarding the degree of tolerance, the prosecution said, “We can only know how tolerant we will be when Song actually cooperates.”

It is said that the prosecution has the view that they can regard Song as repenting only when Song acknowledges the core suspicion including his actions as a candidate in the political division, Rodong party, North Korea, and reveals thoroughly the high-level information which he obtained through his actions.

The prosecution summoned Song eight times that day, but released him around 4 p.m. because Song wanted to leave to treat a medical condition for hemorrhoids. The prosecution will subpoena him, and consequently, the criminal punishment for Song will be postponed until next week.

Kim Hyung-tae, the defense attorney of Song, said, “If there is a need, Song will give up his role as ‘boundary man,’ observe the law order including the constitution, and apologize again for joining Rodong party. But I will not make a concession on the insistence from the prosecution that Song is a candidate in the political division, Rodong party, North Korea.”

In the meantime, the minister of justice, Kang Kum-sil pronounced, “I will respect the prosecution’s treatment about Song and will have a different standpoint from that of the prosecution.”

A person concerned with the prosecution said, “I know Minister Kang had no intention to influence the decision of the prosecution unreasonably. The treatment about Song shall be determined as she will accept the conclusion that the prosecution draws.”

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