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Visiting Investigation on Hwang Jang-yup

Posted October. 08, 2003 22:49,   


Public Safety Division One Chief prosecutor, Oh Sae-hyun of the Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office, is currently investigating Song Du-yul - a South Korean-German dissident scholar, who was arrested for an alleged violation of the National Security law - has announced the visiting investigation on the North Korean defector, Hwang Jang-yup yesterday. Hwang, the former Secretary of the Worker’s Party in North Korea, has revealed Song’s activity as a non-standing politburo member of the Workers’ Party and has been working under the name of Kim Chul-su. The Prosecution officials said, “Even though Hwang was investigated by National Intelligence Service on Song’s arrival, something still remained to be cleared and more investigation is needed, which will be conducted directly by the Prosecution Office. However, for Hwang’s individual security reasons, we decided to carry out the visiting investigation ourselves.”

The Prosecution also plans to summon two more witnesses within this year to investigate on how Song was appointed as non-standing politburo member of the Workers’ Party in North Korea and if he really was active on the Party’s work. Regarding identities of two more witnesses, sources said, “They have never been investigated in National Intelligence Service before and do not want to reveal their identities either. Thus, we cannot say anything about them.” Also, Song’s publications said, “Never does a nation disappear” and “Communication with the 21st century” are now under investigation.

The prosecution summoned him again today for the third time to thoroughly investigate whether he was really acting as Kim Chul-su. After the investigation, the prosecution allowed him to return home and plans to call him again.

Following an issuing of two more summonses to him, the prosecution plans to make a final decision on Song’s case.

Furthermore, officials said, “Song’s speculation on surrendering to German nationality would not make any differences on the intensity of the investigation and the level of criminal punishment.”

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