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Mr. So-and-So Rises

Posted October. 07, 2003 23:01,   


○h what is the use of my name? Just know what-do-you-call-it.

Like the speech in cinema, Mr. So-and-So is a nameless soldier and the last hope. Because of my featureless countenance, was I like that? Including the role of my what-do-you-call-it, my cast which I took so far was almost a third-rater. He is enthusiastic in his life but far from success. And then he arouses our laughter. In “Spy Lee Chul-jin,” I first took the role which had his word, but because of the “Matrix” which was released at the same time, “Spy Lee Chul-jin” did not have the full attention. I broke out for quite a time and again found the audition. Due to the rave review in “Dharma, Let’s Play,” many performance offers came to me, therefore I did not care about my cast.

Do I desire for a starring role? I do not know. I don’t care about the division between the star and a supporting role. I just think that eventually I will be a star if I act for all my life.

It’s not important to have a good role or an evil role. In any case, all roles depend upon the actor’s ability. Nevertheless, he would prefer to play an evil role. The evil character which we can not hate.

From an annual salary two million won to the supporting role like a star.

From now on, my life is not general, so I experience many ordeals that others do not. The suffering has helped my act.

In the field of play, an annual income was two million won. In the single room, I was in extreme poverty. The first time I entered the cinema, there was grief. I was severely scolded, “Where do you go? Not to wait” by a young staff because I had to go to the toilet. Nowadays there are fan cafes in internet. And frankly speaking, income and treatment has changed for the better. Before everything else, I like the fact that I can check my performance on the monitor after filming.

The eleventh eldest grandson of the main family entered into the department of play and cinema on the reason of listening. ‘The department to be talent’. After graduating from the university, he applied his talent to broadcasting, but he failed.

In the course of testing with Cha In-pyo, the third passing was his best record.

It is possible that only one or two times of listening to a comfortable song. The group of supporting role is worried.

To tell the truth, we are afraid of the fact that we only take the confined character as a supporting role. So in “Oh! Brothers,” I wanted to grasp the vicious police. The director was in doubt, but afterwards he told me that he was satisfied. My wife always says, “Are you a star? You are just an actor. You would rather take a break for a while than play the same character.“

The person who informally showed up wearing a sweater and jeans is far from the impatient image who appeared in the cinema. He is very sincere. In the interview, he didn’t say any jokes. By actually showing the personality, he is a true natural actor.

Ko Mi-suk writer mskoh119@donga.com