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[Editorial] Mr. Song Cannot Avoid Strict Treatment

Posted October. 06, 2003 23:04,   


It wouldn’t be proper if the rumor about the plan to deport Song Du-yul even before the prosecution’s investigation hasn’t been finished is true. The prosecution will have to find out whether Mr. Song actually performed pro-North Korean activities in the first place, and then they will will have to decide whether to indict him or not.

The main issue is about how Mr. Song became a Politburo member of the North Korea’s Workers’ Party and what activities he has partaken. The National Intelligence Service (NIS) presented internal and external evidences, however Mr. Song is changing his words with vague expressions such as, “I was aware of it, but there was no activity.” Yesterday, Mr. Song’s lawyer presented a written opinion again saying, “Mr. Song was treated on the same footing as a Politburo member, but he was never appointed officially.” We will have to examine this confusion first if it’s true.

If Mr. Song wishes to live in South Korea for the rest of his life, he has to confess and apologize first. However, he was only in a hurry to admit some parts or to defend himself when faced with the evidences that the NIS presented. Those attitudes Mr. Song has shown during the investigations by the prosecution and the NIS aroused doubts in our mind about his motive for returning to South Korea. That is why Mr. Song cannot avoid the strict investigation by the prosecution and the judicial treatments.

Also, the investigation about how Mr. Song entered South Korea and the people who supported him must be done, as the Public Prosecutor-General answered in the parliamentary inspection of the administration. Although we cannot punish the people who helped Mr. Song, who may have had a pure motive not knowing who Mr. Song really is, we must reveal the real facts clearly, as some members of the opposition party suggested the rumor of planning Mr. Song’s entrance. However, we should be careful not to spread ideology conflicts before we get the final result of the investigation.

The German Embassy elucidated that they didn’t ask about Mr. Song’s visit to the South Korean government, in relation with Mr. Song’s visit to the German Embassy. It is not a dignified way if Mr. Song tried to use diplomatic pressure by Germany. There is no diplomatic problem in investigating domestic crime, even if Mr. Song has German nationality.