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Pakistan Hints Rejection To Dispatching Soldiers To Iraq.

Pakistan Hints Rejection To Dispatching Soldiers To Iraq.

Posted September. 23, 2003 23:14,   


Pakistan, which the US also requested for dispatch of soldiers to Iraq, expressed that it will not sent its soldiers whereas Turkey and Syria signaled conditional dispatch.

Pervez Musharraf, who is visiting New York for the UN General Assembly, said in an interview with the New York Times, “only when UN, Islamic countries, Arab countries and Iraqi people want an Islamic army, we will send our soldiers to Iraq.” By saying that he hinted that he would not dispatch his army. He demanded US supports, including some helicopters, in order to fight against terrorist group al Qaeda and Afghanistan`s Taliban forces

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey Abdullah Gul, who is also visiting New York, said when he met with Iraqi delegates that, “Turkey will dispatch its soldiers only if we can lessen the impression that foreign armies are occupying Iraq.” Turkey also delivered its message to the US that even if it dispatches soldiers to Iraq, they will not participate in security maintenance.

United States Treasury Secretary John W. Snow, who is participating the Dubai IMF conference, said as he approved 8.5billion dollars of loan extension to Turkey on Sep. 21 that, “Turkey would have to cooperate with US policy on Iraq,” strongly demanding Turkey to send its soldiers. For its part, Syrian minister Butaina Shaaban said in an interview with AP that it is ready to dispatch peacekeepers when the UN secures control over reconstruction of Iraq and the timeline for US withdrawal from Iraq is set up.

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