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Possible to Provide Press Foundation Fund to Internet-based Media Outlets

Possible to Provide Press Foundation Fund to Internet-based Media Outlets

Posted September. 22, 2003 22:41,   


The National Assembly launched the parliamentary audit of 14 parliamentary committees Monday, the last of its kind for the 16th National Assembly.

Lee Yoon-sung, a lawmaker of the Grand National Party, asked culture and tourism minister Lee Chang-dong whether it is possible to provide government assistance to media outlets which belong to associations of Internet newspapers that have obtained the certificate of a corporation aggregate such as Oh Mynews. In response, the minister replied that it depends on a decision made by the Korea Press Foundation.

At the audit session of the defense committee, Gang Chang-sung and Park Se-whan of the GNP insisted that Korea send additional troops to Iraq to promote national interest. In particular, lawmaker Park suggested that Korea send additional troops in return for a US promise that it would not move its 2nd infantry division out of Seoul until tension on the Korean Peninsular is completely defused.

In another audit session against five prosecutors` offices, Won Hee-ryong of the GNP urged the prosecution to launch a probe into a suspicious real estate transition case involving First Lady Kwan Yang-sook in which she allegedly sold an apartment before registration to take profits.

In turn, Seo Young-jae, chief prosecutor of the Seoul district prosecutors` office, replied that should any illegal activities be involved, the prosecution would investigate it.

Rep. Goh Hung-gil and Rep. Chung Byung-gook of the GNP insisted on dismissal of chief presidential secretary for public relation in relation to his remarks during a media briefing session. The presidential secretary said he instructed his staff not to respond to Dong-a`s request for news coverage under any circumstances in the future. Those lawmakers claimed that his instruction is tantamount to denial of the constitution that guarantees a right to report news.

Minister Lee responded to those lawmakers` demand by saying, “I haven`t been fully informed of the exact situation at that moment. But I believe that he might have intended to decline Dong-a`s request for news coverage on the allegation involving the First Lady.”

Meanwhile, the Grand National Party decided to push for its demand to lunch a parliamentary investigation against public relation secretary to the president Lee by putting the issue to a vote around on Sept 24 or 25.