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Job Counselors` Labor Union of Ministry of Labor- Resolved to Go on a Strike

Job Counselors` Labor Union of Ministry of Labor- Resolved to Go on a Strike

Posted September. 21, 2003 22:57,   


Job counselors` labor union of the Ministry of Labor determined on walkout according to a vote after the wage bargaining ruptured.

Job counselors` labor union with 1800 members working at 155 Employment Security Centers around the country, which are subordinate to the Ministry of Labor, held a vote on whether to go on a strike on Sep. 18 and 19. The union announced on Sep. 20 that it decided to go on a strike with 87.2% of union members supporting it.

Still, the union postponed any collective actions, including a large-scale assembly, which was scheduled for Sep 23, and proposed 6 local labor bureaus including the Seoul Labor Ministry to hold the first collective bargaining on Sep. 24.

As the demand of the union goes beyond simple wage bargaining, such as 17% increase in basic wage, adoption of same labor same wage principle, employing labor counselors as regular workers, the union plans to links all the related issues together, so that it can be solved through the collective bargaining.

Chairman of the union, Lee Sang-won stated, ˝If the Ministry of Labor ignores our demand, we have no choice but to go on a strike.˝ He added, ˝We are preparing 700 million won of funds needed for the strike with all union members chipping in 400,000 won per head.˝

The Ministry of Labor responded, ˝We can accommodate some parts about the job instability of job counselors, but the it is not easy to increase the wage by two digit numbers as the Ministry of Planning and Budget showed disapproval.˝ It also forecasted, ˝The union will not proceed with extreme collective action as they are also aware of this situation.˝

If the Job Counselors` labor union walk out, then all the works related to them, ranging from unemployment benefit payout to job counseling and recommendations, will be paralyzed and all the works related to foreign workers` work permit system such as issuance of employment certificate, which have started from Sep 1, will reach a deadlock.

Kyung-Joon Chung news91@donga.com