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BK Gets His 14th Save

Posted September. 19, 2003 23:24,   


The shaking wind helped Kim Byeong-hyeon (24•Boston Redsox).

The game between Boston Redsox and Tambabay Devil Rays held at Fan Way Park on the 19th. Boston starter Tim Wakefield, a knuckle ball pitcher was just ahead of a victory of pitching a complete game only after 5 years. However, Boston manager Grady Little called for Kim Byeong-hyeon when the team faced crisis with 2 runners on the 1st and 2nd base in the 9th inning while leading 4-2.

Kim’s ball were not controlled well as the manager`s expectation, and allowed another walk with the bases full after 1 out. He got the next batter Karl Crawford with a grounder to the shortstop, but one run scored as the batted ball flowed slowly. The score was 4-3 leading only by 1 point with runners on the 2nd and 3rd base, and the game may have been reversed with only one hit.

Rocco Baldelli, one of the American League Rookie of the year candidates, approached the batter box. He hit the first pitch that headed toward the center fence, almost a homerun, but the strong head wind decreased the ball speed. The center fielder caught the ball, and the game was over. It was a tough situation for Kim Byeong-hyeon.

Baldelli said reluctantly with after the game, ˝I swung the ball as hard as I could, and felt it was hit right, but I could see the ball coming down because of the strong wind.˝

Kim Byeong-hyeon grabbed his 14th save of the season in the 17 opportunities given; dropping his ERA 3.37, allowing no run in the recent 8 games he played.

Boston, ranked 1st for the American League wild card (the ticket to the post season granted to the 2nd ranked team with highest winning percentage) outstretched the difference in number of games won by 2.5 with Seattle Mariners, the 2nd ranked, that lost the game against Texas Rangers 1-2.

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