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Cardinal Kim Disappointed at President Roh

Posted August. 28, 2003 15:07,   


Catholic Cardinal Kim Soo-hwan expressed his worry over the current administration at an interview with an Internet media UpKorea (www.upkorea.net) saying, “President Roh has not been meeting my expectation. I feel anxiety over the government” on August 27th.

Kim said, “President Roh is very firm on his conviction. However, it could be turned into self-righteousness. It seems that there is little room for him to correct his own beliefs. I wish that they would not lead the nation and people to the wrong direction”.

Kim also commented about President Roh`s Sunshine policy, “It should be noted that South Korea’s leniency toward North Korea is not bringing any change to the latter. Rather, the North is trying to dissect the South between the pro-North and anti-North groups. We should take into serious consideration whether the sunshine policy helped bring the two Koreas closer in terms of peace and cooperation.”

Seung-Hoon Cheon raphy@donga.com