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Feel like home in the South

Posted August. 21, 2003 21:29,   


"I haven`t expected that South Korea, where my compatriots are living, would be so much beautiful. I am encouraged to cheer zealously.

Lee Eun-hae (20, Pyongyang Drama School) participated in Daegu Universiade opened on August 21, as a member of North Korean cheering squad. She looked lively dressed with a red T-shirt, a baseball cap and beige pants. Her appearance gave different feelings from the traditional white jogori(jaket)-and-black Chima(pleated shirt) Hanbok that she wore upon arriving at Korea yesterday.

After the first night in South Korea spent at Daegue Bank`s training institute located in Mt. Palgongsan, she could be tired as she had gone sleep after midnight after getting a room and putting her belongings there. But she looked cheerful during the welcoming ceremony held at the institute`s turf field.

But she never seemed tired when she sang looting songs such as `the Bridge to Unification` attuning to a band or `Unification of Koreans` clapping.

"I feel like at home. Thank you for treating us so well. From bed to other facilities, everything is comfortable."

The cheering squad to the South was selected from every corner of North Korea. They are students majoring in diverse fields ranging from painting, music, dance, foreign languages, etc and recommended by Kim Il-sung Univeristy, Kim Hyung-Jik Education College and other schools.

The cheering team sentthis time is quite different from the one, which was dispatched by the North to the South during the first time for Busan Asian Games October last year. While the members of the previous team were passive speaking only what they had been told to, the North Korean girls this time seem much more lively and natural.

The previous team emphasized feminine beauty with red lipstick. But this time the girls boast their youth wearing only light make up.

"We didn`t know what to do when the original schedule to come here on August 17 was cancelled, since I had very much looked forward to visiting here. So I`m very pleased."

Lee departed for Daegue stadium, adding "We practiced a lot, so please watch us.`