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Gang Groups Caught Using Violence Even Overseas

Posted August. 11, 2003 21:48,   


Gang Violence Getting United = Organized gangs caught this time were known to have allied with each other providing hiding places and doing criminal activities for each other.

A gang boss at Sooyouri could hide at another gang boss`s place until the police investigation ended. He was caught playing a soccer game with 40 other gang members at Gangbuk area. Gangs at Seoul Gangbuk area have come together once a month to consolidate their alliance.

Newly-formed gang organizations were caught imitating American Mafia style management. A former boss at Sangyedong was sentenced to ten years behind the bar, but could deliver his order by contacting his subordinate for these years.

Exporting Gang Violence to Overseas? = Five major gang members were indicted as having injuring a Korean host bar runner to reduce business competition in Nakoya, Japan.

Another four gang members also exercised violence to blackmail a Korean residing in Japan.

Interests Involved= The police investigation office also told that another gang organization mobilized some 20 gangs to take away a management right of a hotel at Bulguangdong and blackmailed a hotel manager saying “I will kill you if you do not hand me your hotel.”

A second boss of Naju Dongah gang group was indicted for abducting a clothing company president and blackmailing him for three hours at a basement demanding his stock shares.”

The police and prosecution said, “Organized gang members are increasing taking away citizens` livelihood using violence. We would try our best to capture their basic infra by cutting dirty money line in cooperation with the National Tax Service.

Myoung-Gun Lee gun43@donga.com