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Summer Vacation in Ullungdo island

Posted August. 06, 2003 21:44,   


Although Easter Lilies are rare on land, orange Easter lilies are everywhere now in Ullungdo island. Moreover, divers pick natural mussels, which are usually cultured. Squids are also a lot bigger than those that can be found in cities. I grab a squid from a bucket at Dodong Port and it spouts water as strong as a fire hose.

The island is full of purity where anything artificial is not preferred. This is because everything here is close to the nature. The same goes to the hearts of residents here. Generally, people who live in islands are far from being genial. But people here are generous maybe because of abundant water.

I stopped by Mookho Port to get on a ship to Ullungdo island. On the way to Mookho, there was a beach under the road. I could see parasols and shops where natural beauty was hard to be found and only noises exist. People had to pay several thousand won for a shower. Merchant here said there are no other choices, but it cannot be true.

Some people are having fun in the Mongdol Beach under the cliff of the Naesoojeon Beach, east of Ullungdo island. They are snorkeling and surfing. They don`t have to pay for showers because cold and clean water pours through the pipe around the clock. The bucket of the only store in the island is filled with natural mussels. The storekeeper grills mussels when he feels bored. The beaches of the island have no noises, rip-offs, and troubles.

Pure beauty of Ullungdo island comes from its environmental restriction, that is, it is an island. The only way to get to the island is taking a ship. And the population of the island remains at about the same all the time. So man-made pollution is maintained at a manageable level. People who visit this island, whether they know about this fact or not, will find happiness for sure. They will see the great beauty of nature that is hard to find in the land.

This year marks a centenarian anniversary of lighthouses in this country. 49 lighthouses all told were set up for the last 100 years from Palmi-do Lighthouse in Incheon to Dok-do Lighthouse. There are two lighthouses in Ullungdo island – Hangnam Lighthouse near Dodong Port and Taeha Lighthouse near Cheonbu Port.

These lighthouses have emerged as new tourist attractions in Ulreung-do. Visitors can enjoy the scenic view of untainted sea and woods, climbing up the steps led to the white-colored lighthouse standing on the edge of cliff. A cruise ship leaves Dodong Port and sail around the island for about 2 hours, passing the Turtle Rock, the pebble beach and Mt. Bipa. When you climb up to the lighthouse, you will find a corner leading to the beach surrounded by cliffs. On the left side, there a holes-riddled rock called `Gong Rock` and on the right side, a peak named `Mt. Chu.`

Then there are several houses on the hillside cliff. They are `Mt. Chu Family` houses, which command the greatest seaside view in this country.

You can drive your car to further feel the beauty of the island. The road has yet to be fully connected along the seaside. But, the feelings are just great. It is the most expensive road in this country, in fact. It took 1.93 million won to build each 1m. The road is, indeed, made in Ulreung-do. It has three intersections equipped with traffic signs, which are hard to find in this island, a curve-shaped highway and a water road, where waves welcome drivers.