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Neck-and-Neck Home Run Race

Posted August. 01, 2003 21:44,   


"You do it? Then I do it, too!"

The home run war between Lee Seung-yup and Shim Chung-soo is getting fiercer day by day.

This season only, the two simultaneously hit home runs over ten occasions. On May 4th, for example, Lee hit a solo shot. Then, Shim, in the 10th, hit his solo shot against Kia pitcher Jeen Pil-jung.

Only in July, Lee shot 6 homers, while Shim hit eight. Shim`s stamina won`t simmer down in the middle of sizzling summer hot.

Lee and Shim were invited to join the spring outing of the Florida Marlines. They trained together and lived together. Through the opportunity, they got to know each other better. Shim said, "I though Lee was just good by birth. I was wrong. He practices a lot. I`ve learned a lot from him." "I have never imagined Shim was such a workaholic. I think I can learn a lot from him. I respect him," said Lee.

Last year, they continued the neck-and-neck competition up to the very last moment of the season. But the victory went to Lee. On the last day of the season, Lee hit a home run and brushed off Shim by one home run.

For now, Lee is leading the race with 41 home runs. Shim has hit 35 so far. Shim, however, promises to turn it over during summer, his favorite season.

Both of them say that having a powerful rival motivates a lot. Who will come out as a winner this year?

Chang Jeon jeon@donga.com